matrisequencer - the MICHEL GEISS Experience

Debut album in sight: Michel Geiss signed with Germany based record label MIG Music.
More information: Website MIG Music

AVATAR by Michel Geiss


Listen to Michel's new track on YouTube™.

Michel Geiss
Michel Geiss (*13th November 1948) is a French musician, composer, and foremost technical designer for electronic musical instruments (Matriséquencer, Digiséquencer, RhythmiComputer) as well as a much sought-after sound engineer in France.

Besides his longtime artistic collaboration to Jean Michel Jarre he worked also for other artists such as Patrick Bruel and Laurent Voulzy. He did also compose several trailer music for the French film company "Gaumont Pictures" in the early 90s.

In 2021 Michel Geiss provided the mastering for the tribute album Ed Starink World.

In October 2023 MIG Music affirmed the collaboration with Michel Geiss which finally shall lead in his debut album which hopefully is about to be released soon!

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